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Regular and timely engine oil changes are imperative for maintaining the peak performance and longevity of your Buick or GMC vehicle, whether it’s new or used. The Buick GMC dealer’s service department typically emphasizes this crucial aspect of maintenance for a good reason. There are associated benefits as well as risks that are contingent on the frequency you change your engine oil. The good news is, that your Buick or GMC vehicle has designated service intervals that if you follow, will increase the life and longevity of your vehicle.


Risks of Not Changing Your Buick or GMC Engine Oil


Failure to adhere to recommended oil change intervals can lead to a multitude of risks and long-term consequences that can significantly impact the health of your vehicle’s engine. Over time, contaminated and degraded oil loses its ability to lubricate effectively, resulting in heightened friction among the engine’s moving parts. This increased friction can lead to accelerated wear and tear, potentially causing severe damage that may necessitate costly repairs at Buick GMC Service centers.


Benefits of Changing Your Buick or GMC Engine Oil


Changing your Buick or GMC vehicle’s engine oil at the recommended intervals brings numerous benefits. Regular oil changes help maintain optimal engine lubrication, reducing friction and wear on vital components, thus enhancing overall vehicle reliability. This practice promotes better fuel efficiency, preventing the build-up of harmful sludge and deposits that can impede engine performance and lead to costly repairs. By adhering to the specified intervals, you ensure the longevity of your engine, saving on potentially expensive repairs or even premature engine replacement, thereby bolstering cost savings in the long run. Common intervals for Buick and GMC vehicles often range from 5,000 to 7,500 miles, but it’s essential to consult your owner’s manual or contact the nearest Buick GMC Service department for specific recommendations tailored to your vehicle’s model and usage patterns.


Should I Change My Own Engine Oil?


Many people will tell you to change your own engine oil, due to some immediate cost savings of doing so. This, with used vehicles, is sometimes not a horrible idea, but even that comes with some of its own risks. With new Buick or GMC vehicles, we always recommend servicing at a certified Buick GMC Service center to ensure you maintain your vehicle’s factory and WalserCare warranty and do not cause any unintentional damage that can void them.

Having your Buick or GMC vehicle’s oil changed at a certified dealership with skilled Buick and GMC mechanics offers several advantages over attempting the task at home. Certified mechanics possess specialized training and expertise, ensuring that the oil change is executed with precision and in accordance with manufacturer specifications. This reduces the risk of potential errors or improper installation, safeguarding the engine from damage that could result from amateur mistakes.


Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I change my oil?

The frequency of when you change your oil varies by what type of vehicle you drive, however, most modern vehicles are equipped with an oil life monitoring system that will alert you when it is time to change your oil. This system will also alert you if your engine oil level drops below the proper threshold, preventing any potential damage that could be inflicted by having a decreased level of engine oil. A general rule of thumb is your engine oil should be changed between 5,000 and 7,5000 miles, but again it is important to reference your owner’s manual and consult your Buick GMC service center to know your vehicle’s exact interval.

Where can I get an oil change?

Our team at Walser Buick GMC, near Minneapolis, is ready to help you change your engine oil as well as provide any additional service that your vehicle may require. We have a dedicated team of service professionals ready to help you, and our quick and easy service scheduler will get you on our books in no time!

Is it okay to change my own engine oil rather than get it done at a Buick GMC dealership?

Technically yes, you may change your own engine oil rather than bring it to our dealership, however, this can cause unnecessary risks. If you opt to change your own engine oil, you may save a little bit of money in the short term, but it can have some long-term risks if not done properly. Improperly changing your engine oil can cause permanent damage to your engine as well as void and factory or extended warranty, such as our complimentary WalserCare warranty, so it is best to let our team of Buick GMC professionals help you with this.

How can I get a Buick GMC oil change coupon?

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